residential Bathroom Installations

The RA Heating and Plumbing team has many years of experience in installing and servicing bathrooms and bathroom components to ensure that you have a fully functional room.

There are several options to choose from that will suit your requirements and create a useful space. We ensure that all your bathroom appliances are fully functional and reliable.

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Baths and Showers

We offer several services for baths and showers, including installation, servicing and removal. There are various different options for baths and showers, with the team having plenty of experience.


Heating is very important in bathrooms and with many different methods to choose from, the RA Heating and Plumbing team will ensure that your bathroom is as comfortable as possible.

Toilets and Sinks

Toilets and sinks are a fundamental part of all bathrooms and the components not working properly can cause a lot of disruption to a normal routine, so we try to get to work as soon as possible.