Boiler Tank

If you have a Boiler Breakdown and you are unsure what to do, don’t worry about it, stay calm and just follow some simple advice to get everything sorted as soon as possible.

Call the appropriate person

If you have insurance on your boiler, then call your insurance company as soon as it breaks down to ensure that they will fix it as soon as possible. If you are not insured, then call your local gas engineer for the next possible time that they can come and assist you with the problems. Do not try to fix anything yourself, if you do not know what you are doing, as you may make it worse and be more financially affected when a professional comes to fix it afterwards.


Once your boiler has broken down quite a few times then it will probably be advised to invest in a new one, as it could be cheaper for you in the long run and stop your boiler from breaking down as often. Once you have paid out to get a new boiler fitted by a gas safety registered engineer then this will help you financially in the future,


Prepare For The Future

You never know when your boiler is going to break down, so being prepared is the best possible option. You can do this by keeping electric heaters in your house for you to use if this happens again whilst you are waiting for your gas engineer. Also, keep hot chocolate, tea or coffee in your cupboard to keep yourself warm in the future if your boiler breaks down. Being prepared for a boiler breakdown is crucial. It isn’t something you should think about much but be prepared just in case. Keeping warm clothes in your wardrobe will also help you. As preparing for a boiler breakdown can save you from being ill.


‘I had to keep calling out technicians in Milton Keynes as I had no Boiler Breakdown coverage. I couldn’t find a good company who could help me though. I contacted RA Heating and Plumbing as I wasn’t prepared for the breakdown and my house was getting colder. Reis came out within the hour and sorted it for me, then later planned to get me a new boiler, which was fitted 2 weeks later! I’ve had no problems since!’