What do plumbers wear

Like many trades, plumbing requires a good understanding of health and safety. This helps them to protect themselves, the systems that they work on and any customers. Many home owners and young apprentices research the plumbing industry before they get into it. One of the most popular questions asked and searched for on Google is what do plumbers wear?

Plumbing and heating professionals combine a number of work wear products whilst they are working. Traditionally a local plumber will use the following items of clothing for working hours. These are:

  1. 1. Work Boots
  2. 2. Work Trousers or Shorts
  3. 3. Work Jackets and T-Shirts
  4. 4. Safety Equipment

Work Boots

So what do plumbers wear when working? Traditionally a plumber will wear work boots purchased from an online plumbing and heating merchant or a more well-known local store such as a Screwfix or Wickes.

Unlike everyday boots, a plumber’s work boot is made from thicker materials and provides extra safety and protection for working environments. For example, the work boot will contain a steel toe cap edge to prevent injuries and accidents occurring. This is also useful for carrying large, heavy objects just in case anything falls.

Work Trousers/Shorts

Every tradesmen will have a pair of these. They are similar to traditional trousers but contain thicker fibres and a number of pockets to hold tools, accessories and additional materials. This is particularly useful for plumbers as it prevents them from running back and forth to their van for supplies or additional fittings.

Some work trousers may even come with padded knee areas. As a plumber, a lot of work is completed under flooring and in tight spaces. Kneeling is sometimes the easiest way to access hard to reach areas. These knee pads ensure that the plumber’s knees are protected and gives them a little padding to avoid further injury to joints and longer term health implications.

Work Jackets and T-Shirts

Plumbers need to be able to access difficult areas and in comfort. There is no point in spending a fortune on clothing that is tight fitting that doesn’t enable you to move freely. Work jackets and t-shirts allow plumbers to work in comfort and be more flexible. They allow the tradesmen to access areas with ease without the risk of tears or damage.

Workman jackets are designed to provide the same amount of flexibility and durability as t-shirts but remain a lot thicker and will predominantly be used outside in colder weather conditions.

What do plumbing professionals wear

Safety Equipment

Health and safety for plumbing and heating professionals is extremely important. There are many protective products that a plumber will use daily to ensure that they meet these standards and remain safe. Traditional every day health and safety items will include, goggles, knee protectors, high visibility jackets and even respirators.

Knee protectors have been discussed in this article already but they are used to protect the workers knees from any short and long term injuries whilst working. Visibility jackets are used in low light areas and projects such as fog or even dark areas of buildings. High visibility jackets are also used regularly in warehouses and busy spaces so that tradesmen can be easily visible to any oncoming traffic.

A respirator is used when the normal air supply is compromised or in an unusual state. Traditionally a plumber will use a respirator when handling high risk chemicals, using hardware such as woodcutters and circular saws and in serious cases when gas supplies are leaking.

So What Do Plumbers Wear?

To recap with what do plumbers wear, we can see that the range of clothing is quite varied.

A plumber will use traditional items of clothing such as work trousers and tops to help them remain protected and flexible. Work trousers will have additional pockets to store fittings and small tools, whereas work tops will be lose and flexible for easier accessibility to areas.

Work boots are provided by most employers to protect the plumber’s feet and ankles from falling objects and dangerous areas.

Health and safety equipment is used to make the operative more visible in hard to see areas such as warehouses, distribution centres and poor weather.

If you are considering becoming a Plumber in Milton Keynes or one of the surrounding areas, consider shopping around for your plumbing attire. Many online retailers offer cheaper discounts for the same type of clothing, especially if you buy in bulk.