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During the summer months when there is a shortage of rain, and everything dries out, you might want to take water saving tips into consideration to save you money and limit your water usage.

Why Use Water Saving Tips?

When it’s hot over an extended period of time, it can become difficult for there to be enough water across the entirety of the UK. Although we may not necessarily run out of water, if it is misused and wasted then it could become a problem, especially when we aren’t sure the next time that it’s going to rain.

As well as this, during times when water is scarce, it can almost double your water bills. So if you are taking much longer in the shower than you need, you could pay the price for it. Our local councils or governments can issue hosepipe bans in the UK when we go through elongated stages of hot weather. Although there isn’t a hosepipe ban issued currently in the UK, it could be on the cards according to bookkeepers, who predict there could be a hosepipe ban coming into play very soon.

Ireland have already issued a hosepipe ban and are only supposed to use their taps for washing, cooking and drinking. A hosepipe ban may sound ridiculous to you, however, if you are caught using a hosepipe during a hosepipe ban you could actually be taken to court and fined up to £1000. Read more about hosepipe bans here. So if you want to reduce your water usages and save money on your water bills, then keep reading! We’ve devised a list of top tips to help you save as much water as possible in your house.

Fix Leaky Taps

It shouldn’t take a water shortage for you to fix your leaky taps, even without hot weather leaky taps is a colossal waste of water that can end up costing you extortionate amounts on your water bills.

Leaky taps can differ in severity, but either way, they are one of the worst culprits for water wasting. If your tap drips every 2 seconds all day every day 7 days a week until you get it fixed. That’s a lot of water wasted, and a lot of water that you’re going to be paying for! So although you may not want to pay the expenses of plumbers Aylesbury, it can save you money in the long run!

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Shorten Your Showers

During this humid, sticky weather, we imagine the last thing that you want to do is have a long boiling hot steamy shower. Just by reducing your shower by one minute could save you copious amounts of water, as well as this the team at Southern Water has advised people to shower for no more than 4 minutes during this weather to do everything they can to save water.

As well as this cold showers are better than warm. Just like using your washing machine on 30 rather than hot, the same applies to your shower and the colder the water, the better. You will pay less on your water bills and will most likely need a shorter shower. Although if your boiler has broken and you only have access to cold water, do not leave this! Although it’s during the summer, you still need access to warm water, and a faulty boiler can be dangerous. Call today and have boiler repairs Milton Keynes before the problem worsens.

Keep Your Drinking Water In The Fridge

Cooled water is more refreshing and nicer than water straight from the taps. As well as this, it saves you money from continually running your taps everytime you want a drink. And of course you don’t want a lukewarm glass of water, so you turn the cold tap on and let it run until it cools down.

You may not even spare a second thought, but 5 seconds of running your tap with water that you aren’t even going to use can make a big difference to the 120 million litres of water that we consume in a single day during this weather. By keeping your drinking water in the fridge, you eliminate the need to waste water by running taps carelessly. If you want to filter your water properly, invest in a water filter that can be stored in your fridge. One of the most popular water filtering jugs is from Brita, that are available at affordable prices.

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Check Your Home For Leaks

Your home can become damaged at any time of the year, just because it’s sunny that does not mean that you should let your guard down and keep a close eye on your home for any faults.

You should always check your homes external pipework for any signs of external damage. As well as this you should regularly check under your sink for any moisture and look out for surprise puddles of water on the floor. If you want to avoid getting a home leak, check out this article we have written!

Do Not Hand Wash Your Car

Washing your car by hand can be time-consuming and tiring in the hot weather. Put your bucket and sponge down and make it easier for yourself. Even if there is a hosepipe ban, they don’t shut down local car washes.

So if you really are desperate to get your car washed, then we would recommend using your local garages automatic washer which not only are quicker, but they’re easier to use. What you pay for a simple wash through a car wash is probably less than what you would spend on your water bill for the copious amounts of water used on your hosepipe to wash your car by hand.

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Start Saving Water Today!

Start saving water in your household today! If there isn’t already a hosepipe ban in your area, make one up for your own home! Don’t let your family have access to the hosepipe for a couple of days if you really want to be effective at saving water. If you have any home issues with your water lines that need repairing then just contact plumbers Milton Keynes, and they can give you advice or carry out repairs for you.

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