Utility Room Ideas

Extra room isn’t that easy to find in modern homes. However, there are a few things that you can do in your spare time to free up some extra room and make use of the space that you could potentially have available.

With thousands of new build developments being built in the UK, not many of them have the storage needed for larger families. Fortunately, you can transform redundant spaces and convert it into a utility room to make your everyday routine a little easier.

Most utility rooms are used for:

  • Storing boilers and heating controls
  • Housing washing machines and laundry appliances
  • Extra storage
  • For dishwashers and extra sinks
  • As a food preparation area

Using a utility room as a boiler room:

A boiler or older central heating system can become a bit of an eyesore for most homes, hence why boilers tend to be fitted into storage cupboards, garages or even loft spaces.

However, in more recent years, more and more people are installing new boilers into utility rooms to make them more accessible for regular maintenance and repairs.

However, your utility room doesn’t need to look horrendous. Local furniture manufacturers can provide extra storage solutions to help house your central heating systems and make them more appealing.

Washing machines and laundry:

Almost every utility room includes a washing machine and an extra area for laundry, keeping it out of the way and causing less mess. A purpose built utility room could be perfect for storing multiple washing machines, tumble dryers and preparation areas.

Purpose build cabinets can be designed and built to help store your machines easily and create more space.

Create an extra storage space for anything you like:

As we’ve already mentioned storage is like gold dust in newer properties and finding it can be extremely hard unless you’re willing to lay down a marker and create some additional space yourself.

If need be, you could get sliding wardrobes in Milton Keynes designed so that the internal shelving could house everyday items that needed a place to call home.

Make a space for dishwashers and extra basins:

If you have a large family home, you may well have a dishwasher installed, some homes even have multiple dishwashers and sinks fitted to help cope with the load and volume of dishes on a daily basis.

A utility space makes the perfect location for a new dishwasher and basin. It allows you to separate the hustle and bustle of maintaining a kitchen, keeping arguably one of the most popular rooms in the home free from clutter and mess.

Food preparation areas:

Kitchens can be a dangerous place, and they’re not ideal for young children running in and out when food is being prepared. Already hazardous objects such as surfaces and knives become even more dangerous and should be kept separate when there are young people in the property.

A utility room can become the perfect place to prepare food, and keep potentially hazardous items out of the reach of children.