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Kitchen upgrades are the simplest way to improve your kitchen without the hassle of kitchen renovations or extensions.

Why Have Kitchen Upgrades?

Kitchen renovations are a fantastic investment and can improve the overall value of your property. However, they are one of the most expensive home extensions, typically because when homeowners renovate their kitchen, they often have to pay electricians for rewiring. As well as this normally when getting a new kitchen, you tend to replace all of your old and worn out kitchen appliances.

This can be anything from as costly as a new oven to a microwave or your kettle. As well as this, the process of renovating your kitchen is a long one and causes a significant amount of disruption to your daily life. At specific parts of the process you will have absolutely no use of your kitchen, so often families end up eating a lot of takeaways and spending more money on fast food as they cannot use their kitchen. More often than not plumbers Milton Keynes and electricians are called in to help with the installation process of new electrics and plumbing works which is another added expense.

So if you wish to upgrade your kitchen without the hassle and expensive conversions, keep reading. As we have devised a list of the best ways that you can upgrade your property’s kitchen at an affordable price.

New Counter Tops

Over an extended period of time, food preparation can take its toll on your kitchen countertops. Acidic foods, knives and harsh chemical kitchen cleaners which can break down your countertops and cause extensive damage.

One way to make your kitchen look brand new is to replace your old damaged countertops with brand new ones. Dependant on the design and colour you choose, specific shapes of kitchen countertops can cause the illusion of a bigger more spacious kitchen.

Take a look at Lowes for a wide range of different material kitchen countertops. Take in the overall design of your kitchen when choosing a suitable material and colour to avoid losing the design theme.

Paint Or Retile Your Kitchen

Is your current kitchen design tiled or painted? If you fancy a change, we recommend doing the opposite of what you already have.

Kitchen tiles are fantastic, as you are constantly messing up your kitchen with ingredients, utensils and food it’s essential you have decor materials that are easy maintenance and can withstand regular cleaning. Kitchen tiles are simple to wipe down and require next to no maintenance.

Although you must some tiles are ceramic or made of materials that can be easily broken with simple contact. By painting your kitchen, you leave yourself open to a lot more potential colour schemes. As well as this painting is more cost effective and can even be carried out yourself if you have the steady hand and time.

kitchen with wall tiles

Install A Water Conditioner

For most of us in the UK, over time hard water becomes a problem not only for us but also to our property. It can causes blockages and all sorts of complications with the components of your property.

Hard water is water that contains minerals that unfortunately cannot be filtered from our water on such an extensive scale. So most property owners have to take matters into their own hands and have a plumber install a water conditioner into their plumbing works.

All a water softener does is remove the minerals from water, making it entirely pure. Which is a benefit, as hard water can cause dry skin, flaky and dry hair, blockages and burst pipes. Which can cost a lot to repair, and start to have an effect on your appearance if not corrected. Contact one of our plumbers Aylesbury today for more information on installing a water conditioner.

Replace The Flooring

After all the shifting of tables and chairs in your kitchen, alongside spillages, dropped utensils and harsh cleaners it becomes easy enough for your kitchen floor to become damaged or worn out.

Although kitchen tiles look fantastic, if you know you have butter fingers and regularly drop things, then it might not be the best idea. Often, tiles are made from ceramic so can shatter easier than another flooring. So if they come into contact with impact from a height, then there’s the possibility of them shattering or chipping. For laminate or rubber kitchen flooring have a look at Harvey Maria for a range of fantastic design and style ideas. For porcelain or any other kind of kitchen tiles, take a look at Tile Mountain.

wooden floor in kitchen

Purchase New Smart Kitchen Appliances

One way to upgrade your kitchen without any hassle at all. Buying new kitchen appliances is simple, can be cost-effective and requires no installation.

Smart appliances are preferred over standard kitchen appliances nowadays, and have come a long way since their production first began. Thanks to AppKettle, you can now purchase kettles that boil themselves from the touch of your mobile, meaning you can have your tea at optimum temperature with advanced temperature setting technology. As well as this you can have lights that turn themselves on or off, and can even dim themselves.

As a plumber, our favourite and upcoming smart appliance has to be the nest smart thermostat. This fantastic gadget lets you keep track of all of your energy bills and even alters your heating settings so that your home is at your favourite temperature. It learns your regular heating habits and can programme itself to save you money on your energy bills. Definitely worth the investment! As well as this, nest thermostats have helped customers notice that they are in need of boiler servicing Bedford. After they’ve looked back at their nest records and realised something is wrong when the prices dramatically skyrocket. Upgrading your home and kitchen with smart appliances can save you money in the long run – so it’s definitely worth it!

Upgrade Your Kitchen Today

Start upgrading your kitchen today! It’s more cost-effective and simpler than a large scale kitchen renovation, and can even save you money!

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