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By having regular plumbing maintenance and by not putting things down your drain that shouldn’t be you might not need a plumber for a while.

Why Would I Need A Plumber?

Plumbers are here to save the day when it comes to our paperwork disasters and home flooding, without plumbers Milton Keynes we would be left with water damage belongings and faulty paperwork. Although it’s important that you make an effort not to let your home get in these situations – although it can be extremely difficult sometimes.

Things like clogged toilets and drains can be a disaster to your home, so it’s important to take extra care to only put things down them that is suitable. Sometimes specific plumbing issues spring upon you without warning, these kinds of situations can be avoided if you notice the warning signs. But as this isn’t always easy for homeowners who have experience with plumbing we’ve devised a list of signs that often warn you that you need an assessment from a qualified plumber. So keep reading!

Your Water Changes Colour

When rust starts to form in your pipework or household taps, it can be a health hazard as well and look visually unappealing. This typically means that the inside of your hot water tank has begun to rust, and it’s beginning to pass rusty particles through the pipes leading to the taps in your kitchen or bathroom.

Rust does appear out of nowhere, and it worsens quickly. By leaving your taps like this, you dramatically increase the chance of your drinking copious amounts of copper. Although this is not necessarily a severe health issue, it still has the capability of making you ill. If this is the case, then the main solution that is more simple and cost-effective is boiler installations Leighton Buzzard to replace your existing one, as it can be difficult to clear rust from a central heating system.

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You Can’t Remember The Last Time You Had A Plumbing Inspection

Plumbing inspections should be carried out yearly just to ensure the efficiency and working condition of your homes drainage systems and pipework. Once your plumbing becomes damage, it can become a serious issue extremely fast and begin to damage your home, which is why it’s better to catch the problem before it can hit breaking point and develop into something worse.

Old pipes can spring leaks easier than you think, and you might only notice this when it’s too late. Save yourself from the issue of water damage in your home from flooding pipes by having regular plumbing assessments – it will save you money in the long run!

If Your Drain Isn’t Draining Quick Enough

After washing up your sink should drain within a matter of seconds, if this isn’t the case, then it can be a sign of something more complex. Once the problem worsens, your drainage system can back up, and push up all of the excess water and rubbish down your drains – leading to property flooding. You can try and ease off the situation by using a drain plunger, but these only work in certain circumstances.

Once this happens, your home can be a quick victim to water damage, as well as the fact of the bacteria and germs that a backed up toilet can bring into your home. To solve this issue, you will have to have your home professionally cleaned to get rid of any bacteria, as well as having your sewer drained and any necessary repairs.

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Your Water Bills Are Too Expensive Or Have Drastically Increased

If the pricing of your water bill suddenly becomes increasingly expensive, then it’s apparent that something isn’t right with your plumbing works. This more often than not occurs when you have an unnoticed leak in your home, this doesn’t necessarily mean a visible one that leaks water into your home but a leak in the underground pipework.

However, if left unmonitored the leak can worsen and end up progressing into damage that can flood your home. Which is why it’s crucial that you spot these warning signs and catch the problem before it evolves into something more serious – not only will it save you money it will save you time and prevent you damaging your home.

Your Pipework Is Made From Polybutylene Or Lead

Polybutylene and Lead were popular manufacturing materials for pipework and plumbing materials in the 1970’s. These materials were seen as efficient, as well as affordable and easy to use, until it was discovered that these materials were the cause of some peoples health problems.

Polybutylene turned out to be extremely flimsy and unreliable after extensive use – which is not a good quality of pipework. And while many pipes were cracking and bursting due to poor quality, some homeowners were being poisoned by the lead pipes within their homes.

Lead is toxic to the human body in high quantities, it can cause damage to almost any organ and in high dosages can cause death. Thousands of people were drinking lead infused water as their filtered tap water was travelling through lead pipes and bringing along the toxic chemical with it. So if your home was built before or during the 1970’s time period, then it’s crucial that you have a plumber come and take a look at your plumbing works. As you could be drinking contaminated water without even realising.

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Finding Water On The Floor In Your Home

Random unexplained puddles of water in your home mean that somewhere along the line you have a leak in your home, and it needs to be sorted as soon as possible. Water damage happens quickly, not sure how quickly? Find out what can happen when you leave water in your home in this article.

Call emergency plumbers Bedford and have them come out to you to find the leak and patch it up on the same day.

Look For A Qualified Plumber Today

So if you think that you need a plumbing checkup or even a boiler installation or repairs then look no further. Call your certified plumbers today and have them service your plumbing work and central heating systems to help you save on your energy bills and keep your home safe.

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