Student life can be a difficult one, with a lot of responsibilities and not having the ability to get a full-time job to bring in revenue while attending your uni course. It can be difficult to pay things like rent and student bills and allowing money to be left over for things like food shopping and essentials.

What Are Student Bills?

Students unfortunately just like anyone else that lives in a rented accommodation have to pay for the electricity, gas and water that they all use. Which, when added to other expenses can equate to a lot of money, so if you are a student currently struggling to find a good balance of water, gas and electricity the look no further! We have devised a list of expert tips in order to help students save as much money as possible on all of their bills – so keep reading!

Wrap Up Warm

Although it may seem obvious, we cannot stress enough how much money you can save by simply layering up warm items of clothing. Jumpers, onesies, hoodies, dressing gowns and fluffy socks will all be your best friends at university. Sometimes you will be budgeting so hard that you nearly cannot afford to heat your room up, so pile on the clothes and blankets and huddle up!

If you cannot find sitting in layers of clothing comfortable then there’s an alternative, bring a water bottle with you to watch telly, revise and do uni work when you’re cold. Heating up the water for the kettle is considerably cheaper than having the heating on full blast, and it lasts for ages.

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Wash All Of Your Clothes At Once

In the early afternoon before going out, you might really want to wear your favourite top despite not having washed it in time, no matter how bad the temptation is do not wash just one t-shirt on its own. This is a massive waste of water, as well as your fabric softener and washing power; the average washing machine cycle uses anywhere between 39 – 56 litres of water in one single cycle.

That amount of water for one t-shirt is an extreme waste, and you should only ever wash singular items in an emergency.

Read Up About Your Tariff

Although you may not be interested in the energy tariff you are on in the slightest; it’s important that you make an effort to read up online the fine print and full details about the tariff that you are on. Gas and electricity companies know exactly what homes belong to students so often offer them a tariff that works out better for the company, in the long run, they know that you’re uneducated on bill prices and they will take advantage of this by offering you guesstimate prices.

BY reading up your terms and conditions online you can understand the price that you are paying, and if it doesn’t seem right to you then work out the price that you should be paying.

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Use Your Microwave Over Oven When Possible

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to live off of microwave meals but utilising your microwave as much as possible allows you to save money. As opposed to cooking pasta on the hob which uses a lot more energy, opt for the ready-made pasta meals offered in supermarkets that can be cooked in the microwave.

As well as this ready meals are cost-effective when brought in groups meaning that you are also saving money on your food shopping bills. But still, remember to mix up your diet with fresh food as well as this to keep a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Take Advantage Of Social Areas Offering Free Electricity

If you aren’t a social butterfly, then it’s not a problem, social areas at Uni are there to help you out not with just socialising but with also free stuff! Universities are always setting up free cake sales etc in the foyer or common room so take advantage of this! If they aren’t holding things like this, then you can still make the most of the resources.

Offering charging ports, TVs and much more you should sometimes take advantage of the free things being offered to you. TV license is an extra expense so why pay for a TV in your room when you can watch programmes either on your laptop or in the common room.

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Always Have Your Heating On Low

Although this might sound the complete opposite of saving money on your heating bills, it can save you money. Constantly turning your thermostat up and down can send your energy bills sky high as well as being annoying, this is also good to do during the summer months when you barely use your boiler. If you didn’t run your boiler regularly, then the outcome is quite often that you need boiler repairs Aylesbury which can be a pain if you are in your own property, but otherwise than that it is your landlord’s responsibility to sort this out.

You may feel like you are wasting money by having your heating constantly on, but it will save you money and prevent your boiler from breaking in the long run which can then cause you extra bills.

Keep Your Radiators Clear

Uni bedrooms are pretty small, but be sure to organise your furniture in a manner that allows heat and air to circulate properly. With big desks or a bed next to your radiator, your room is not going to receive the full effect, therefore meaning you are wasting money.

Try to position your belongings in a way that does not block your heating mechanisms otherwise the heat will go into the object as opposed to the room you are in. Meaning that you will then turn the heating up and not receive the full effects.

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Start Saving On Your Student Bills Today

So if you haven’t started already then start now! With your heating bills if you live in a shared property then all split the costs and have plumbers Milton Keynes service your boiler to save on repairs or replacement. As for electricity, you should also have electrical inspections yearly to ensure the capability of the electrics in your home.

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