Water bills are often one of the utility bills that are forgotten about; water is used so much in everyday life you almost seem to forget that it costs money. But over time these bills can add up when you’re using water carelessly as it may seem like you have an endless supply, so take care on your spending of water and begin to save money on your bills.

Why Save Money?

Although you may not think that by reducing the amount of water you use that you can save a worthwhile amount of money, you can. Certain times of the day act as peak times for water usage as it’s when people use the most. If your taps are dripping constantly throughout the day when water is at its peak prices, you could be paying a lot of money for a small issue that can easily be fixed by plumbers Leighton Buzzard for less than what your continuous bill is going to cost you.

Saving money on your bills can help add an extra bit of money each month to your savings, whether you’re saving for a holiday, a new car or even a new house the small amount collected from your water bills each month can add up over time to help you out considerably.

So how can you save money on your water bills? It’s easier than you think and doesn’t involve extensive methods, just simple, efficient water saving tips to reduce the costs on your water bills. So keep reading!

1. Fix Leaky Taps

One of the worst culprits for wasted water is leaky taps; you may not know you even have them as they differ. But if you do then I’m sure you’re familiar with the taunting dripping noise that plays like a broken record. Tiny droplets of water fall from your faucet, it often indicates that the tap washer needs renewing or that there is a damaged valve seating.

Although this may sound and seem like a simple task, it’s a lot more complex than you may think, and should always be left to a professional. So for you to understand the amount of water, you are wasting we have worked out a rough guess of the amount of water you are wasting every single day just from leaking taps. If your taps drip roughly 60 drips per minute, this will waste up to 21 litres of water in a single day, which is around 2080 gallons of water a year.

2. Shower Instead Of Baths

Baths do not seem like they use a lot more water than showers, but they do by a vast amount. The average bath can hold around 80 litres of water, whereas the average shower uses around 62 litres which is considerably less when added up over a period of time.

Many money saving experts believe that it is possible for you to shower with almost no water, but this involves turning off the taps when you’re lathering up, and then turning it back on again when you’re ready to rinse.

woman in bath

3. Tap Off While Brushing Teeth

Going back to the point about fixing leaky taps, you brush your teeth twice a day and need water to wet the toothbrush. Without realising you may leave the taps on when washing your mouth out, the recommended time of teeth brushing is 2 minutes so in leaving your taps on for 2 minutes allows plenty of time for wasted water.

You may not pay a second thought about leaving the tap on while you do this, but it’s unnecessary and will save you money in the long run.

4. Keep An Eye On All Leaks

Leaks are often hard to spot, there can be clues of having one such as random small puddles but other than that there are not any other signs. Leaks can be anywhere in your home, so it’s important to catch them before they add extra onto your water bills as well as causing problems for your home.

Pipes bursting or boiler leaks can be the worst, not only are they a problem but they can result in more serious damage, you should regularly have boiler servicing Milton Keynes to prevent this from happening and to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your boiler.

leaking taps

5. Use Applications

Many energy and heating providers have caught up with modern day technology and have begun making changes to make managing your electricity, heating and water bills a lot easier.

Applications and smaller devices have evolved to give you the ability to take control of your heating and water bills when you’re not even home. If it’s cold in your office and you’re looking forward to getting home to a warm home, then you are able to turn the heating up to a temperature of your choice from work on your mobile phone.

Water bills, unfortunately, are not this advanced when it comes to applications. Unfortunately, you cannot run a bath ready for when you’re home from work via your phone. But a lot of companies put their water bills in unison with heating on the app so that you can keep track of both, although it may not seem like it could make a difference having your monthly water spendings on your phone allows you to track your spending and stay within budget.

6. Low Flow Taps And Shower Heads

And if you really want to save money on your water bills then the perfect product has to be low flow shower heads or taps. These use the minimal amount of water needed for a decent shower; there are two types for you to choose from dependant on your preferences. Aerating shower heads combine water as well as air in order to perform a misty spray during your shower, whereas laminar provides a simple shower.

Low flow taps provide the ability of its user to control the amount of water flow; they can be used in kitchens as well as bathrooms making them the ideal household appliance.

woman showering

Save Money On Your Water Bills Today

So make a change and dramatically decrease the costs of your water bills with our top tips to save water. Got a problem with your boiler or want to help reduce the amount of water you and your family use? Call us for help with any questions you need answering or help you need.

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