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A home leak can cause serious problems for your property, meaning it’s essential that you look out for the warning signs and get a leak fixed as soon as it’s found.

Why Fix A Home Leak?

A leak in your property is a serious problem that only worsens over time. If you have any suspicions that there could be a leak in your home, then be sure to check it out as you can cause severe and expensive problems for yourself. Dependant on the type of leak that you have in your home, the severity can vary with the amount of damage that can be done to your property in different time periods. Something like a toilet leak or under sink leak can only really cause severe damage to your flooring and skirting boards as it’s limited to where it can go.

Something as big as a sewage leak, if severe enough has the capability to destroy your properties foundations. If not entirely, it has the ability to damage them to the point where only complex, expensive repairs are your solution. Whereas if you spot the warning signs of a leak and have regular plumbing maintenance, you are going to pay less than you would to repair damage and keep your plumbing works checked up. So if you think you have a leak in your property, or want to know what to look out for. Look no further! We’ve devised a list of things that you can do at home to prevent getting a leak at home, and telltale signs that mean you could potentially have a leak. So keep reading!

Insulate Your Pipework

Although this may not be essential right now as we come into the summer and weather warms up, it’s definitely a must for the freezing winter months. Throughout the winter your pipes, drainage and plumbing systems all continue to carry on working constantly. Because of this, there is always water in your pipework, and when it’s extremely cold overnight, it becomes possible for the water in your pipes to freeze up.

Which is bad news, as it causes an ice blockage an stops all water flow throughout the rest of the pipe. This can then create a significant pressure buildup which can cause the pipes to eventually burst. Dependant on which pipe bursts and whether it’s internal or external, this can have an effect on the severity of water damage that could be done to your home. We recommend that you avoid this situation happening by having qualified plumbers Milton Keynes come and carry out maintenance and fitting your pipes with pipe insulation. We recently made a video for our clients on what you can do to defrost frozen pipes, check it out here on the RA Heating & Plumbing Facebook Page!

Inspect Under The Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sinks are prone to burst pipes, simply because we use our sinks so often for a variety of different everyday tasks. Such as preparing food and washing dirty dishes which can cause a build-up of grease, old food, oils and fats even after using sink clearing products. Under sink leaks are often more difficult to spot, just because they are often in cupboards under your sink that may be able to hide it for longer as opposed to being an open leak in your property.

In order to prevent getting a leak, we recommend that you regularly check under your kitchen sink to check the waterlines. When you check your waterlines be sure to look out for any moisture or bubbling around the connections of the water pipes. If you do find either of these, call a plumber, and they can assess the situation.

pipework under a kitchen sink

Disconnect Any Hoses

Hoses in your back garden or the front of your home should be disconnected in the winter months. Although you may not use it in the winter, there will still be water residue in the pipework, which when it gets extremely cold can freeze up. And just like when you don’t have pipe insulation it can cause your water pipes to burst. So in order to prevent this from happening, it’s essential that you also disconnect any hoses.

Have Regular Boiler Maintenance

Although it’s a lot less common than something like a kitchen sink leak, it’s still possible for your boiler to leak. Something like a boiler leak is extremely serious as it means that there’s an underlying fault with your boiler. If you find any moisture on your boiler or find any residue around your boiler, then call a plumber as soon as possible who can carry out gas services Bedford to ensure that your boiler is in safe working order.

Faulty boilers can produce Carbon Monoxide, an extremely deadly tasteless and scentless gas. So to protect you and your family, we recommend looking for these signs, as well as investing in a Carbon Monoxide detector as it could save your life.

plumber carrying out a boiler service

Check For Any Floor Discolouration Near Your Kitchen Sink

Like we previously mentioned, it can be difficult to spot a leak under your kitchen sink as it’s in a closed off area. Although as the moisture is still there, water damage works fast and your flooring can be a tell-tale sign that something is wrong. When coming into contact with water, something like vinyl flooring or tiling will discolour and pick up a brownish sort of colour, and it will begin to peel up at the sides like peeling paint.

Wooden flooring is slightly less straightforward to spot, when real wooden flooring comes into contact with water, it changes almost instantly but not as significantly. It will warp and change shape, meaning it could even stick up in the corners from enlarging from absorbing water. We recommend checking the flooring near your sink cabinets every month or so, in order to spot the problem before it worsens. For more information what water damage can do to your property, read this article we wrote on the process of water damage.

Check Your Home For Leaks Today!

So using these top tips, check your property and make your home leak proof! Remember that there are a variety of specialised tools needed to carry out repairs or plumbing alterations, so always rely on a professional plumber. We hope that this article was helpful, if it was then why not share on social media?