With many years’ experience in dealing with home heater systems. Ra-heating and plumbing is the professional plumbing place to go. With professionally trained and highly skilled staff, your service will be of an excellent kind.

Different types of heaters

  • Underfloor Heating – Perfect if you have tiled/granite flooring in your home, especially in the winter if it starts to become colder. Underfloor heating would be the perfect solution for your home. The beauty of it is, you do not need to put it everywhere, if there were specific places that you just wanted to put it, then why put it everywhere?
  • Radiators – At RA Heating and plumbing, we are proud to serve our radiator insulations, being gas safe registered means that we are even more determined to be giving you the best service possible.
  • Hot Water – If you’re sick of your hot water constantly being slow and Luke warm, then look no further. RA Heating and Plumbing carry out a specialist service for hot water, meaning that in no time at all. Our in house specially trained professionals are able to give you the hot water you need.

The benefits of a home heater system

  • Everything is fully working
  • You can get more than just radiators.
  • Fitted by excellently trained staff.
  • We do multiple rooms of your choice.
  • Various heating methods to suit your choice of needs.
  • High quality level of service given.

Having everything working correctly under one roof, can be somewhat stressful at times. Especially as it starts to enter the winter months, and one of the radiators decides to pack up. Here at RA Heating and Plumbing, we can assure you that we won’t leave the job until you are satisfied with our service. We will make sure that you receive everything you want from us.

Testimonial in Milton Keynes

I was looking everywhere for plumbing in Milton Keynes, then I came across RA heating and Plumbing. They were excellent. Very helpful, provided a wonderful service. I will definitely be going back again.