Heating Contractors

Most people start searching for heating contractors when they need something fixing or replacing. However, it pays to have a good understanding of the local tradesmen – ones that have a good reputation and that can be reliable.

If you want to know 3 key heating services that every homeowner should know about then you’re going to love this guide. We’re going to discuss three of the most popular services that our heating contractors are contacted about.

Exactly Why It’s Good to Know Heating Contractors:

There is never a good time for a boiler to breakdown or for a section of pipework to spring a leak… but should it happen, its good to know what to do in an emergency.

Simply because most plumbing and heating firms are labelled as “heating contractors” doesn’t necessarily mean that the work that they can complete is solely gas and heating based.

For example, there are many garages nearby that provide car servicing in Milton Keynes. However, they also cover a lot of other maintenance and repair services.

At the end of the day, they are also qualified plumbers and can help when even the most unfortunate leak occurs.

If you ever discover a leak or an emergency breakdown, consider the following steps:

  • Turn off the gas/water to prevent further damages and remain safe
  • Contact a local heating contractor and explain what has happened
  • Don’t try to repair the fault yourself
  • Place a bowl underneath the leak to prevent water damages
  • Avoid smoking, lighting hobs, fires or using any kind of igniting tools if you suspect a gas leak
  • If you suspect a gas leak, call 999 immediately, open all of the windows and leave the building

Heating Services That You Need to Know

Throughout your time as a homeowner, you’re going to need and use a number of heating services to maintain your property – whether that is a property you live in or rent to tenants.

The most common heating services used by homeowners include:

  • Boiler Installations
  • Boiler Servicing and Gas Safety Inspections
  • Powerflushing

Central Heating Contractor with Boiler

Knowing a Central Heating Installer:

Just like most domestic appliances, gas boilers also have a life expectancy and will need regular maintenance in order to prevent breakdowns and replacements. When that does happen – make sure you know who to call.

For example, if you are planning on moving home, you would contact a man and van in London or a company local to you instead of say a van hire company.

It’s a good idea to become familiar with local installers. Check reliable review sites and ask friends for recommendations to get an idea of who is the best available.

Consider sites like:

  • Checkatrade
  • Trust Pilot
  • Google Reviews
  • Facebook and Social Media

There are so many boiler options available for installation. Make sure that you look for approved or recommended boiler installers in Milton Keynes – not only will these companies or installers be able to do the business, but they will also be able to provide extended guarantees on new systems.

Annual Maintenance for Gas Appliances:

For an experienced heating contractor, gas servicing and inspection is their bread and butter. They complete more inspections year after year than installations and it’s a heating service that every homeowner will need at some stage.

If you’re a private landlord, having regular gas inspections completed on appliances in your rental property is your responsibility. To prevent charges, fines and potential court appearances, its good to get a regular gas maintenance plan in place.

Boiler servicing is slightly different to gas inspections. The inspection tends to complete a safety check on the appliance – making sure that it is safe for use and does not release unsafe emissions.

Servicing on the other hand completes a detailed safety inspection, clean and emissions test. It provides the system with the best opportunity to remain in working order.

Powerflushing and General Plumbing:

You’ll be forgiven for not knowing exactly what powerflushing is.

Powerflushing in simple terms provides your central heating system with a full chemical cleanse. Its aim is to remove any dirt, grit and grime from the pipework and appliances such as radiators and pumps.

Most installations include a powerflush these days – it’s a great selling point that gas installers provide. However, individually, you will only need a system flush once every now and then.

Some owners have it completed annually, whereas other prefer to have it completed every 18 months.