At RA Heating & Plumbing we provide many home services regarding your Boiler Breakdowns, Heating Services and Appliance Services. Scared to admit, not many of us if asked would be able to know the answer to gas boiler safety. We admire the loyalty from our customers, therefore we are very keen to give advice to our customers on in home care.

How can I stay safe?

How to keep yourself safe when it comes to your boiler, the first thing to spot is if it appears that something is wrong. More often than not, it means that something is probably not right in this case. Never try and diagnose the problem yourself, always call us if you think that that there may be a problem.
It is highly recommended that you have a boiler service at least once every year. The purpose of this is so that we can evaluate any possible problems, and figure out a solution from preventing this happening again in the future.
Always check to see if your boiler is working efficiently, our specialists at RA Heating & Plumbing Milton Keynes specifically install your boiler, so that you are able to understand what everything means and how everything works at home.

What can we do for you?

With our many years of experience and the capability of our in house highly trained specialists. We are determined and driven to give you the best service we can. Not only offering our services to your home, we also offer commercial services for; Shower Rooms, Toilets, Heating Services and Gas Services. Our professionally achieved work, mirrors our ever growing reputation and diversity in services which we offer.
Stay safe at home and in the work place, give us a call today if you have any queries regarding your boiler, at RA Heating & Plumbing we are here to help.