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Carbon monoxide in your home can be fatal if not detected and fixed promptly.

Could There Be Carbon Monoxide In Your Home?

Due to the household appliances and vehicles you use every day, it’s very unlikely that you don’t all have a minute amount of Carbon Monoxide in your property.

Carbon Monoxide is extremely harmful to the human body and can be fatal if exposed in large quantities. It is one of the most deadly gases as it can be extremely difficult to detect, it’s tasteless, odourless and colourless. SO you should always make sure that you have detectors or frequent maintenance to make sure that you and your family aren’t at risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

So if you want to know how you can check for Carbon Monoxide in your property, how to prevent it and more, then keep reading!

Know The Warning Signs Of Carbon Monoxide And It’s Side Effects

It’s essential that you know the warning signs of Carbon Monoxide and the side effects it can cause to you and your family. By knowing these, you can spot a problem if you and your family members start feeling unwell frequently in your own property. The common side effects in humans from Carbon Monoxide are the following;

  • Muscle Weakness
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Shortness Of Breath
  • Blurred Vision
  • Loss Of Consciousness

If you or any members of your family are suffering from these side effects frequently while in a property then it’s important that you check your home for Carbon Monoxide. If you find yourself in a situation where you are experiencing these effects, we recommend getting to fresh air immediately and seeking medical attention.

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Be Sure To Ventilate Your Property Properly

This doesn’t just include opening windows and doors, the vents in your home should be cleared to remove any debris that could be restricting correct ventilation in your property. Even without Carbon Monoxide, this can be bad for your health, so we recommend yearly vent clean outs.

All of the appliances in your home can produce small amounts of Carbon Monoxide, so if your vents aren’t clear the gas cannot be let out of your home and will begin to build up in your house – which can become dangerous when built up.

Inspect High-Risk Areas

Like we mentioned earlier, it’s extremely difficult to be aware of Carbon Monoxide in the atmosphere, which is why it’s important that you inspect all of the high-risk areas in your property.

You can start this off by checking that your appliances are all in an area that is well ventilated such as near a window or extractor fan. A negative example of this would be something like leaving your car on while taking in the shopping in somewhere like your garage, and enclosed space like this is easy to fill up with gas, and once it does it will spread to the rest of your home.

So if you do this, then you could spread Carbon Monoxide throughout your property, just by leaving your car running for a few minutes.

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Have Your Boiler Serviced Regularly

Boiler Servicing Leighton Buzzard is extremely important when keeping Carbon Monoxide out of your home. Boiler gas leaks are the most common cause of Carbon monoxide poisoning and gas poisoning within homes.

Gas leaks can happen in the middle of the night when you’re asleep and unaware, so it’s incredibly important that you have plumbers Aylesbury come out regularly to do maintenance and service your boiler to avoid gas leaks.

Look Out For The Indications Of Carbon Monoxide In Your Property

There are a few indications that can help you sense the presence of this odourless gas. If you can smell burning, then this could be a giveaway, not from Carbon Monoxide as it’s scentless – but it can indicate that your appliances are malfunctioning and that there could be a gas leak.

Keep a close eye on your boilers pilot light as well if you’re concerned about Carbon Monoxide in your home. If your pilot light begins flickering on/off or consistently completely switches off, this could be an indication of a more serious problem than a faulty light. If you have a gas hob, check the colours when using them as if a blue flame switches to yellow this can also indicate a problem.

Buy Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide detectors are affordable and available in plenty of hardware stores; they can even be found in the home section of plenty of big supermarkets. They are affordable and could help save your life if you have a Carbon Monoxide leak within your property. If you are unsure on how to fit a carbon monoxide alarm, as a local electrician. They will have more advanced detectors that can be fitted in your home.

You should make sure that your detector is within a close enough proximity that if it went off you and your family would be able to hear it. If you or a family member has hearing difficulties, you might want to adjust the settings to make the alarm louder. You can also purchase more complex Carbon monoxide detectors that allow you to connect them throughout your entire home, so that if a high amount of Carbon Monoxide is detected within your property, the alarms will ring throughout your house.

And there’s no point in having Carbon Monoxide alarms if they don’t work, regularly check your detectors to check that the batteries or electrical wiring is okay and that they’re working.

Place Your Detectors In The Right Place

As Carbon Monoxide is lighter than air, it means that it will rise upwards and collect near your ceiling. Because of this you should try and place your carbon monoxide detectors as close to the ceiling as possible.

carbon monoxide detector on ceiling

Protect Your Home From Carbon Monoxide Today

So by taking these steps and considering the real dangers that Carbon Monoxide really can cause to you and your family, you can prevent Carbon Monoxide collecting in your home. We hope that this article was helpful, if it was then why not share on social media?