new boiler switched on

Central heating boilers are either your best friend or your worst enemy. They have a nasty habit of working well when you’re not relying on them and breaking down and being a pain when you need them most.

Traditionally central heating is used most frequently in the winter months. These are usually October, November, December and early into the new year.

There are many reasons for needing a new boiler. Reis Ashraf, qualified plumbing professional and owner of RA Heating and Plumbing, has been supporting homeowners in and around Milton Keynes for more than 8-years.

This is the list of 3 reasons why you get a new boiler. See if you have ever fallen into one of these categories.

1. Expired Warranty

From experience, this is mainly why homeowners and landlords tend to have a new boiler installed. These days, recognised new boiler manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch, Vaillant and Ideal will all offer warranties that last at least 5-years.

However, in some situations, you can obtain additional years on your guarantee for a small fee. There are other ways of increasing your warranty.

On certain products within the Worcester Bosch range, if you purchase a particular programmer with a certain boiler, you can boost your guarantee by 2-years, depending on the installer.

2. Regular Breakdowns

Boiler breakdowns are a massive inconvenience and an expensive one when they occur regularly.

If boilers are breaking down on a regular basis, whether it be the same fault time and time again, it could be a sign of exhaustion and a new boiler installation wouldn’t be a terrible consideration.

However, some minor breakdowns are quickly rectified and cost next to nothing. You should never look to complete a boiler repair yourself. Only gas safe registered engineers can work on boilers. If anyone says that they can fix the problem for you, ask to see their gas safe card and thoroughly check their credentials.

Gas boiler being repaired

3. Not Suitable for the Property

Time and time again, people purchase a new home only to find that the existing heating system is below par and not appropriate for the requirements of the new owners.

In fairness, it isn’t the new owner’s fault. After all, they didn’t install the original heating system.


O.K then, let’s have a little recap.

Most homeowners tend to have a new heating system installed due to the following scenarios. The current boilers warranty may have expired, so any future repairs would not be covered and would cost a lot of money particularly if the system is old and prone to breakdowns.

It’s worth contacting the original installers and seeing if they can assist you in purchasing an additional warranty if a new boiler installation is not an option.

The second point we covered was the inconvenient boiler breakdowns. If your system is constantly having problems and needing an engineer to help get it back into life, it could be a sign that it is on its last legs. If possible, contact a couple of local engineers and get a few quotes for a boiler installation.

And finally, if you have recently purchased a new home, the existing boiler may not be up to scratch and unable to handle the new volume of people in the property.

If you are having issues with your boiler or you are considering a new boiler, give us a call for a free quotation on boiler installations in Milton Keynes.