The Project Requirements

Our job was to convert an old open vented system to a combination boiler system and moving it. However they are a number of factors to consider when moving boiler location. Boiler are much more efficient nowadays and all modern day boilers condensate when operating. They achieve that high efficiency by condensing water vapour in the exhaust gases and so recovering it’s latent heat of vaporization: which otherwise would be wasted.

What We Did

Situated to the left of the boiler is a condensation pump, this pumps the condensation. These are great to help increase the choice of your boiler location even if there is no drain or waste nearby, if you want us to move your boiler in the centre of the house with no external walls available. The condensate water must be discharged into a waste pipe, soil stack, drain or a soak away with limestone chippings.

For us to run a condensate waste externally it needs to be increased in diameter to avoid the risk of freezing in cold temperatures.

Customer Feedback

“The team have been amazing,! They helped us to install a new modern boiler and move it to where we would like. I couldn’t ask for better service”– Joe Leadson